Amae Copal Incense 40 Sticks: Big Bag

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Brand: Amae

Color: Grey


  • Fine quality hand rolled natural ingredients great aroma
  • Well finished
  • Easy to light
  • Great smell
  • Burning time: 1 hour

Details: SACRED COPAL Incense 40 Sticks This incense comes from ancient sacred copal trees in Mexican Sierra Madre each stick is hand made. Sacred Copal has been used for spiritual rituals in Mexico and Mesoamerica for centuries. Some Copal uses can be: – stimulate the brain limbic system – used by therapists to unlock in emotions – for the respiratory system as an expectorant – it is primarily used to cleanse energy and to connect to meditative states and higher vibrations This incense stick is well finished, it burns easy and evenly with great aroma, you won’t want it to end. The aroma stays softly in the space and doesn’t overwhelm the senses.


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