Acolyte Handpan – Dm Celtic – Made In The USA

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Brand: Acolyte Instruments

Details: Acolyte Handpan Scale: D Celtic Minor 8notes (D) A C D E F G A 21″ diameter (Full Size) PC Steel, comes with embroidered soft bag. Video: Instrument Care – Unlike 99% of handpans on the market which need to be lubricated regularly to prevent from rusting, our handpans NEVER need to be lubricated as we use a powder a coating process (similar to the finish on a car) to protect the steel from the elements. These Instruments are made by Nirvana Handpan, a very well respected high-end handpan maker in the USA. While Nirvana Handpan continues to make high-end custom instruments, they also wanted to start manufacturing a more affordable and more readily available quality instrument, thus the Acolyte was created. This is the Perfect choice for a musician on a budget, as you will see this instrument holds up in quality and tone to instruments that are up to three times its price. Handpans, as handmade works of art, are not returnable or exchangeable so please be sure of your choice. If you are ever interested in having a custom instrument made please visit their website If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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