Crystals: The Complete Guide to Crystals: Heal Yourself with Crystals and Healing Stones (Healing, Meditation, Energy Healing, Aura)

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Author: Brocobe, John

Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Number Of Pages: 44

Release Date: 29-01-2016

Details: Product Description

This Book Will Give You All The Information You Need To Start Your Journey With Crystals And Healing Stones!
In this book you will learn how to recognize the difference between crystals, stones and some minerals while discovering the secrets to healing yourself with crystal energy. You will learn how to cleanse, energize and program stones to work with your body’s natural energies.
You will gain knowledge of the seven main Chakras and their importance in the health of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. You will learn about the ease with which you can achieve noticeable differences in your general health. Before long you will also be able to guide your family and friends to overall improved well-being.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

How Crystals Can Aid Healing
Cleansing, Energizing & Programming Crystals
How to Use Crystals for Healing
Chakra Crystals
Crystal, Stone & Mineral Properties
And Much More!

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About the Author

Hello! My name is John Brocobe and I am very passionate about publishing books. My main purpose for publishing books is to help other people in their lives. I write about things that I have experience with. The reason I have been successful in life is because I take care of my body and mind. I believe these topics offer the most benefit for people, and that is why I write on topics from health and fitness to meditation and spirituality. These concepts have allowed me to be successful not only in business, but relationships and all aspects of life. This is why I focus the majority of my writing on these topics. I am an entrepreneur with a background in business and finance, so I also write on business-related topics. I hope that my books are able to help you in one way or another!


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